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Comprehensive, Bespoke Fire Risk Assessments

Our fire risk assessment reports are both easy to understand and comprehensive, offering clear guidance and instruction on exactly what you must do to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our Fire Risk Assessment reports conform to the British Standard PAS 79.


It is not merely minimising the risks of a fire occurring that are investigated , but the effectiveness of your fire detection methods, how well a fire could be managed or contained should it start, and how effective it would be for your employees to escape safely from the building in an emergency situation.

When you purchase a Fire Risk Assessment report you will receive  FREE fire training courses for 3 people .

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The report encompasses:



Section One (general information)

Important information on test and training dates, and on essential equipment such as fire alarm log books, fire drill records, fire safety training records and more.

Section Two (fire alarm and emergency lighting)

Information on measures you must take to remain compliant regarding fire warnings and emergency systems.

Section Three (assembly point)

Advice on the correct place for your fire assembly point, and your responsibility to ensure your employees know where it is and how to get there.

Section Four (signage)

The relevant signs must be in place as per British Standard BS5499.

Section Five (means of escape)

Fire escape routes must be adequate. We will also look at structural elements of your building that could hinder escape.

Section Six (prevention and escape)

Adequate training must be provided, including the appointment of Fire Marshals and regular fire drills. Records should be regularly kept.

Section Seven (life risk)

Information on the safe storage and disposal of refuse and waste, and an assessment of the cleanliness of your property.

Section Eight (ignition source)

Electrical equipment, cabling, plugs and extensions, heating, lighting and cooking equipment - all to be safe, serviced, well maintained and used responsibly.

Section Nine (combustible materials)

In accordance with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), all combustible materials must be stored properly

Section Ten (information for the fire service)

Advice regarding your fire information pack, which must be provided to the Fire Brigade when they arrive at your premises.

Our fire Assessors inspect properties nationwide including Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Derby, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Luton, Nottingham, Oxford, Worcester, London and Manchester

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